Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Besdoung Knong Rovong Snae (Weir and Pinky)

Love Rotation

Starring Pinky Savika as Beau and Sukollawat Kanaros (Weir) as Thot

Aired July 2009


Thot tricks Beau and her family into thinking that he had slept with her so that she would agree to marry him. He wants to marry Beau because his sister’s husband (Beau’s ex-boyfriend) is still in love with her and so by marrying Beau, he feels that he can stop Beau and her ex-boyfriend from having an affair.

Beau will eventually finds out that she was tricked into marrying Thot and also that he is related to her ex-boyfriend’s wife. Thot is torn between wanting to help his sister in keeping her husband and wanting to seek forgiveness and love from Beau.

This lakorn is worth watching. I really like the chemistry between the two actors.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Sweetie21)


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