Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Keo Pnake Bong (Tik and Cherry)

The Apple of My Eye

Starring Jesadaporn (Tik) Pholdee as Chisanu and Khemupsorn (Cherry) Sirisukha as Nathlada

Aired September 2006.


Chisanu, a millionaire, loses his eyesight from an accident. His girlfriend leaves him because of his handicap. One day, he meets Nathalda, a school teacher, who is heartbroken and wants to commit suicide. When she sees how Chisanu, whom she believes is a poor fisherman, still have a positive outlook on life despite his handicap, she becomes more hopeful. Believing Chisanu is a poor fisherman, Nathalda brings food and leaves it in front of his “shack.”
Touched by her kindness, Chisanu proposes marriage to her and she accepts thinking that she’s helping him.
Soon after the wedding, Nathalda finds out that Chisanu is actually a wealthy man and they need to travel to France to have his eye surgery.
Chisanu’s ex-girlfriend, however, decides to come back.
Will Chisanu get his sight back? Will Nathalda stay with him after finding out that he’s lied about his background? Will Chisanu’s ex-girlfriend break up the marriage?

This lakorn is very good. Tik is in it–need I say more? I’m not a big fan of Cherry, but she was very good in this lakorn.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of sxl1206 and KhmerAngelex)


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