Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Kromom Mtes Pas Komlos Kgnai (Chakrit and Ann)

Underdeveloped Daughter-in-Law

See full size image

Starring Chakrit Yamnam as Jormtup and Ann Thongprasom as Lalin

Aired April 2009

Jormtup’s older brother is a player and refuses to take responsibility of Lalin’s older sister who he impregnated. Lalin decideds to force the family to accept her sister as the daughter-in-law by trapping Jormtup to marry Lalin. The family can either accept her sister or accept Lalin who keeps causing problems for the family.

This is a very funny lakorn and Ann and Chakrit have great on-screen chemistry.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Sweetie21)


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