Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Thnom Snaeh (Ken and Ann)

Pampered Love

Starring Ken Theeradej as Chen and Anne Thongprasom as Naphat

Aired in 2006.


Chen and Naphat first meet at a photo shoot where he was the photographer and she was the model. They exchanged several insults at each other. They later meet again at a party and both got very drunk with their friends. Chen mistakenly goes into Naphat’s room instead of another model. Naphat gets knocked up and the two have to figure out how to deal with baby on the way.

This is a very funny lakorn. Ken and Anne have great chemistry together.

Wach on youtube (courtesy of potikate346)


Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Kromom Mtes Pas Komlos Kgnai (Chakrit and Ann)

Underdeveloped Daughter-in-Law

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Starring Chakrit Yamnam as Jormtup and Ann Thongprasom as Lalin

Aired April 2009

Jormtup’s older brother is a player and refuses to take responsibility of Lalin’s older sister who he impregnated. Lalin decideds to force the family to accept her sister as the daughter-in-law by trapping Jormtup to marry Lalin. The family can either accept her sister or accept Lalin who keeps causing problems for the family.

This is a very funny lakorn and Ann and Chakrit have great on-screen chemistry.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Sweetie21)