Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Plov Kamatape (Andrew and Janie)

Cupid’s pathway

Starring Andrew Gregson as Pope and Janie Tienposuwan as Pat

Aired in 2001


Pat’s older sister is marrying Pope’s father. Pope wants to stop the wedding by kidnapping Pat, who he mistakenly thinks is the older sister. He realizes his mistake and returns Pat to her family home after reading in the news that his father was in an accident during his honeymoon.

Pat will eventually work for Pope’s company. One day, desperate to find some money for her older sister, Pat steals money from Pope’s company. He finds out and instead of reporting to the authorities and her parents, he proposes that she marries him to keep him from telling everyone. She agrees.

The marriage will not be smooth sailing. This is a very addictive lakorn. I’ve watched several times and can’t get tired of it.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of syva4811)