Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Chleuy Sneaha (Aum and Aff)

Defendant of Love

Starring Aum (Atichart Chumnanont) as Harit and Aff (Taksaorn Paksukchaoen) as Soraya

Aired in Janurary 2008.


Harit’s younger brother commits suicide after Soraya’s cousin denies his love. Harit seeks revenge on the cousin but kidnaps Soraya by thinking she is the cousin. Soraya eventually pretends to be her cousin because she does not want harm done to her cousin.

Harit eventually finds out that he has kidnapped the wrong girl. Watch to find out how Harit seeks forgiveness and love from Soraya.

This is a must see if you love Thai lakorns. I was hooked to it from the very beginning. This is probaby the most popular lakorn of 2008.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Sweetie21)