Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Snaeha Krorm Jet (Ken and Aff)

Cracked Heart

Starring Ken Theeradej as Vic and Aff (Taksaorn Paksukchaoen) as Aoey

Aired November 2008


Aoey leaves her childhood sweetheart Vic without an explanation after finding out about her illness. Years later, still wounded by Aoey’s disappearance, Vic attends an award show and meets Aoey again. He is pissed at her. She wants to come back to make up for hurting him and Vic decides to take revenge on her by hurting her in return. However, both are still in love with each other. Will Aoey tell Vic about her illness? Will Vic forgive her?

I was looking forward to seeing this lakorn, but lost interest after half-way into it because Vic is too harsh on Aoey. This could’ve been the lakorn for me because I like both Ken (okay LOVE Ken!) and Aff, but it didn’t do it for me.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of samiamkhmai)


Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Thnom Snaeh (Ken and Ann)

Pampered Love

Starring Ken Theeradej as Chen and Anne Thongprasom as Naphat

Aired in 2006.


Chen and Naphat first meet at a photo shoot where he was the photographer and she was the model. They exchanged several insults at each other. They later meet again at a party and both got very drunk with their friends. Chen mistakenly goes into Naphat’s room instead of another model. Naphat gets knocked up and the two have to figure out how to deal with baby on the way.

This is a very funny lakorn. Ken and Anne have great chemistry together.

Wach on youtube (courtesy of potikate346)

Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Bondol Jet Sneah (Ken and Janie)

One In My Heart

Starring Ken Theeradej as Anawat and Janie Tienposuwan as Hathairat
Aired in 2005


Hathairat and Anawat dislike each other since they were young. Anawat returns from studying abroad only to find that Hathairat is still the only girl who is not infatuated with him. Hathairat finds him arrogant and often acts annoyed at him and so he finds reasons to quarrel with her. It is soon apparent that Anawat harbors romantic feelings for Hathairat but is too proud to show them to her.

I really like this movie. It’s romantic and the music is awesome.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Nak009 and Sophie1428)