Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Sneaha Velvol (Pong and Bee)

Cupid’s Love Ring

Starring Pong Nawat as Puvadee and Bee Namthip as Ornicha

Aired March 2009


Puvadee and his family disapproves of his younger brother’s relationship with Ornicha’s older sister. The couple eventually pass away leaving a baby boy behind. Puvadee and Ornicha fight to get custody of their nephew.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Maloop Snae Ah-saok (Pong and Peung)

Shadow of the Ashoka Tree

Starring Pong Nawat as Monthai and Peung Kunya as Bee

Aired in June 2008


Bee works as a servant girl at Monthai’s girlfriend’s house. One day she meets Monthai who leaves a sweet impression on Bee. When Monthai leaves to study abroad, Bee decides to respond to his letters posing as his girlfriend when Monthai’s girlfriend neglects to do so. When Monthai returns home, he meets the grown-up Bee but has no idea that she’s the one he has been corresponding with all the years he was abroad. Soon, problems arise from Monthai’s girlfriend who starts to suspect feelings between Monthai and Bee.

Watch on youtube (courtesy of Sreyngim)