Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Ontheak Sneah (Pepper and Alicia)

Love Trap

Starring Ratthasart “Pepper” Korrasud as Sake and Alisa Ann Laisuthruklai as Kate

Aired 2004


Kate’s father works for Sake’s company. One day, he is found stealing money from the company. Sake wants him to pay back but Kate’s father offers Kate instead. He proposes that Kate takes care of Sake and provides a much needed heir.

This was a very good lakorn. A must see if you like slap/kiss lakorns.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Snaeha Krorm Jet (Ken and Aff)

Cracked Heart

Starring Ken Theeradej as Vic and Aff (Taksaorn Paksukchaoen) as Aoey

Aired November 2008


Aoey leaves her childhood sweetheart Vic without an explanation after finding out about her illness. Years later, still wounded by Aoey’s disappearance, Vic attends an award show and meets Aoey again. He is pissed at her. She wants to come back to make up for hurting him and Vic decides to take revenge on her by hurting her in return. However, both are still in love with each other. Will Aoey tell Vic about her illness? Will Vic forgive her?

I was looking forward to seeing this lakorn, but lost interest after half-way into it because Vic is too harsh on Aoey. This could’ve been the lakorn for me because I like both Ken (okay LOVE Ken!) and Aff, but it didn’t do it for me.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Keo Pnake Bong (Tik and Cherry)

The Apple of My Eye

Starring Jesadaporn (Tik) Pholdee as Chisanu and Khemupsorn (Cherry) Sirisukha as Nathlada

Aired September 2006.


Chisanu, a millionaire, loses his eyesight from an accident. His girlfriend leaves him because of his handicap. One day, he meets Nathalda, a school teacher, who is heartbroken and wants to commit suicide. When she sees how Chisanu, whom she believes is a poor fisherman, still have a positive outlook on life despite his handicap, she becomes more hopeful. Believing Chisanu is a poor fisherman, Nathalda brings food and leaves it in front of his “shack.”
Touched by her kindness, Chisanu proposes marriage to her and she accepts thinking that she’s helping him.
Soon after the wedding, Nathalda finds out that Chisanu is actually a wealthy man and they need to travel to France to have his eye surgery.
Chisanu’s ex-girlfriend, however, decides to come back.
Will Chisanu get his sight back? Will Nathalda stay with him after finding out that he’s lied about his background? Will Chisanu’s ex-girlfriend break up the marriage?

This lakorn is very good. Tik is in it–need I say more? I’m not a big fan of Cherry, but she was very good in this lakorn.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Thnom Snaeh (Ken and Ann)

Pampered Love

Starring Ken Theeradej as Chen and Anne Thongprasom as Naphat

Aired in 2006.


Chen and Naphat first meet at a photo shoot where he was the photographer and she was the model. They exchanged several insults at each other. They later meet again at a party and both got very drunk with their friends. Chen mistakenly goes into Naphat’s room instead of another model. Naphat gets knocked up and the two have to figure out how to deal with baby on the way.

This is a very funny lakorn. Ken and Anne have great chemistry together.

Wach on youtube (courtesy of potikate346)

Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Plov Kamatape (Andrew and Janie)

Cupid’s pathway

Starring Andrew Gregson as Pope and Janie Tienposuwan as Pat

Aired in 2001


Pat’s older sister is marrying Pope’s father. Pope wants to stop the wedding by kidnapping Pat, who he mistakenly thinks is the older sister. He realizes his mistake and returns Pat to her family home after reading in the news that his father was in an accident during his honeymoon.

Pat will eventually work for Pope’s company. One day, desperate to find some money for her older sister, Pat steals money from Pope’s company. He finds out and instead of reporting to the authorities and her parents, he proposes that she marries him to keep him from telling everyone. She agrees.

The marriage will not be smooth sailing. This is a very addictive lakorn. I’ve watched several times and can’t get tired of it.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Kromom Mtes Pas Komlos Kgnai (Chakrit and Ann)

Underdeveloped Daughter-in-Law

See full size image

Starring Chakrit Yamnam as Jormtup and Ann Thongprasom as Lalin

Aired April 2009

Jormtup’s older brother is a player and refuses to take responsibility of Lalin’s older sister who he impregnated. Lalin decideds to force the family to accept her sister as the daughter-in-law by trapping Jormtup to marry Lalin. The family can either accept her sister or accept Lalin who keeps causing problems for the family.

This is a very funny lakorn and Ann and Chakrit have great on-screen chemistry.

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Thai Lakorn in Khmer: Lok Pros Tevada Kanha Yea Yea (Pae and Aum)

Jaew, the wicked one and Mr. God

Starring Pae Arak as Chai and Aum Patcharapra as Jaew

Aired April 2009


Jaew’s grandmother, who is Chai’s nanny, falls ill and asks Jaew to be Chai’s nanny for her. Chai has a major attitude problem and Jaew will have none of it.

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